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Increasing The Longevity Of Your Historic Building

Masonry Restoration Historic Buildings

We all know that a historic building means great architectural value.  Monuments and historic buildings represent a historic heritage for an entire community. This is why we must preserve and increase its longevity as much as possible.  The folks at New England Masonry and Restoration know the importance of quality masonry restoration.

In order to preserve a historic building, it is necessary to maintain as much as possible of the significant historic fabric and to keep changes to a minimum. It is very important for you to know that inappropriate ore unnecessary repairs may accelerate the deterioration of the original building fabric. This means also a bigger cost for future maintenance and repairs.

Generally, the majority of the older buildings already have a solid resistance structure made from load-bearing masonry. But over time, damage such as cracks and crushed walls can occur. So, if you want a longer life for your historical building, try to consolidate the walls first. This way, if natural catastrophes occur, such as earthquakes, it will be protected from falling down completely.

Construction specialists believe that the best solution to protect and to give a longer life to historic buildings is the combination of proactive and reactive maintenance which also includes procedures such as:

  • Underlying coating treatment
  • Restoring the genuine centerpieces and ornaments
  • Applying plaster from time to time.



Why Masonry Is Rising In Popularity

Masonry Popular Trends Restoration Trends

In the last few years, the masonry industry has had a very important role in our society. Observing that masonry buildings are everywhere, we could say that this type of construction is gaining more and more popularity. Due to that, many people are willing to invest their money and trust in bricks and mortar.

But why does this happen?

First of all, masonry is cheap and is very resistant in time due to the mortar between the bricks. Since ancient times, it has been used to create long-lasting buildings. Thanks to their strength, masonry buildings are also very resistant to earthquakes.

Masonry requires low labor costs, little repair, and it’s easy to maintain and do masonry restoration just because its surface is extremely durable.

Secondly, it is known that masonry provides good thermal insulation because it retains a constant temperature inside the house for a longer time than wood or concrete, both in summer and winter. This means a lower cost on your heating bills. On top of that, even though masonry materials are naturally porous and they absorb water, masonry buildings have moisture protection too, due to modern techniques and improvements in materials.

As a bonus, masonry started to gain popularity in modern home design because it has a smooth texture and its easy to match with many furniture pieces.


How to Go About Finding the Best Masonry Trends for 2020

2020 Roofing Company Trends

Masonry trends tend to change with the times. Although masonry itself is essentially timeless, as it was used in a similar fashion decades ago as it is today, the specific materials and designs that are used today differ greatly from those that our parents and grandparents may have seen a quarter of a century ago or more.


Finding the best current trends for masonry doesn’t just mean that you’re looking for the most stylish designs. Masonry has many other qualities that make it one of the best designs used in construction, and these can also contribute to the decision of whether or not a trend can be considered as more than just aesthetically acceptable.


When searching for the best masonry trends, the best thing you can do is consult a dependable and experienced mason or someone who worked as a contractor for at least 5-10 years. They will already know all about older trends and methods used for masonry construction and they can easily compare them to the most modern ones to tell you how certain trends changed and whether or not they can be considered practical, and not just flashy.


For best results, contact your local masonry experts today at http://nemasonry.com, and ask them for advice as well as for a quote, to help you make a more informed decision regarding your next masonry project.

How Masonry Can Be a Valuable Tool in Modernizing Your Building

Masonry Restoration Update Building Modernize

If you want a building that looks and feels modern, with all the most cutting edge features and amenities, you’ll also want it to look classy and follow the trends of the day. This is precisely what a well-designed building featuring masonry can help you do.


Masonry is often overlooked in exterior design and architecture, since it is somewhat of a timeless choice when it comes to building the exterior of your home or building, or adding elements such as walkways, fences and exterior decoration items for your landscaping needs.


However, masonry restoration Connecticut contractors offer can actually help modernize your building in a number of ways. First, masonry is experiencing a comeback when compared to other exterior trends, including even the most modern types of siding. Additionally, the unique look and designs that modern masonry presents can even give your building the look of an artistic, yet futuristic construction.


Finally, masonry is a great protective element when it comes to keeping hidden electric and electronic installations safe. Whether you have a lot of wiring going through the walls of your building, or you need to mask certain exterior installations, masonry can get the job done quite well, ensuring that your building will maintain its stylish look despite being overly modernized.

Why Masonry is Ideal for Connecticut Climate

Masonry Restoration Connecticut Climate

Masonry is a traditional building material that has been used for thousands of years around the world for several good reasons – the material is suitable for any climate and provides an attractive and durable solution for any geographical region. Here is why the material is ideal for Connecticut constructions as well:

  • Resistance in any weather – no cold, heat, moisture, wind or fire can get to masonry. The material offers durable overall protection from any weather as well as from the widest temperature variations and masonry restoration is long lasting;
  • Energy efficiency – masonry walls form a very efficient thermal barrier and is suitable for creating a building envelope that keeps the warm air inside in winter and the hot air outside in summer;
  • Resistance to pests – insects, such as thermites can cause serious damage in any construction that uses wood. Masonry walls do not use wood, therefore they are completely safe from pest attacks;
  • Maintenance-free building solutions – the exterior surface of masonry walls might get dirty or faded, but repainting the walls is quick and easy and a little paint is about the only thing you will need to refresh the looks of your masonry walls. Very strong impact can cause minor dents in the wall surface, but that can be quickly corrected with a little mortar and paint.