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Finding A Good Company For Your Commercial Roof Maintenance

It is very important to work together with a professional roofing company to keep your commercial roof in good conditions. For instance, leaks should be fixed as soon as they are discovered, so that they do not get bigger and cause real problems to the structure or functionality of your building.

Also, you should have your roof regularly inspected, to see if there are things which should be solved immediately and take all the necessary steps before things get more complicated and harder to handle. The best idea is to look for a roofing company which can offer you restoration estimates.

At the same time, you should avoid walking on the roof on your own, and leave that part for professional roofers, who have the experience, knowledge and all the safety equipment necessary for this job.

In order to choose the best roofing company for your commercial roof, you need to find an experienced commercial roofing CT team. This team should be able to provide you with a thorough, professional plan and give you proper recommendations concerning the ventilation and thermal requirements for your commercial building.

A good company should also inspect your cooling and heating systems while checking on your commercial roof.

When Winter Hits Connecticut You May Need To Have A Roofer Remove Snow

Winter can be a wonderful season, but heavy snowfalls can cause serious problems to one’s home, especially if the roof is old or poorly maintained. Even roofs which seem strong may get damaged, especially if the snow is too heavy for them to hold. Therefore, it is essential to know who to call in case of need.

There are roofers with expertise in commercial roofing Connecticut has who offer emergency snow removal from your roofing system. Apparently, the most vulnerable type of roofing system is the flat roof. Despite the fact that many people consider that removing snow is a must, no matter the quantity, things are a bit more complex than that. Thus, it is best to remove snow only when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the whole removal operation can be very dangerous, especially if done by inexperienced persons.

First of all, you need to put in balance the amount of snow with your roof’s bearing capacity. At the same time, a roof with a steep pitch will require less work in this respect, than a flatter type of roof.

Another important aspect to bear in mind is to use proper tools for removing snow. And again, asking for professional help can really make a difference.

What Is Involved In Masonry Restoration For An Old Building?

old brick building commercial restoration needed

Most buildings are made with masonry, which refers to the building method of using mortar to hold the bricks together. In some cases, the entire building is made with masonry, whereas most modern structures use different types of methods and materials. Chimneys and walkways are also built with masonry.

Old masonry buildings are built out of materials such as bricks, terra cotta, stone blocks and mortar. In fact, mortar generally represents about 20-25% of the entire building structure. The porosity and strength varies from one material to another. It is essential to understand the typical characteristics for each type of material, in order to be able to develop the proper solutions.

Masonry restoration can often be a quite a big project, because it usually includes the entire building. The purpose is to improve the old building’s appearance, while also prolonging its lifespan, by making it sure it can still stand for a long time.

Masonry restoration involves removing the old, deteriorated material. This needs to be replaced with new materials which have to match with the original one. For instance, in case the building was built with red bricks, the replacement bricks need to be of the same color that the old bricks had when they were new.

How Long Does A Flat Roof Typically Last?

roofing company installation commercial roof

One of the most convincing features of flat roofs is their durability. A correctly installed flat roof can last anywhere between 25 and 50 years, but the actual lifespan of the flat roof on your building is determined by many factors – here are some:

  • The material that the roof is made from – some materials used for building flat roofs are more durable than others. Metal roofs can last for up to 50 years, PVC can spend up to 30 years on your roof, built-up roofs made from tar and gravel can be relied on for 15-20 years, while EPDM and TPO offer durability between 7-20 years;
  • The weather – the milder your climate, the less stress your roofing is exposed to. The roofs on buildings located in climate areas that get extreme storms, very high or very low temperatures need to endure more, therefore they are likely to have shorter life;
  • Maintenance and timely repairs – the amount of attention that you are willing to give your roof will also determine its longevity according to commercial roofing Connecticut professionals. You need to get your roof inspected twice per year and you also need to get any fault detected during the inspections fixed when the issue is still small and easy to address.

Why Consider Having Your Masonry Checked for Repair This Fall

why consider masonry restoration building winter maintenance

One of the major benefits of masonry construction done by a precision masonry restoration Connecticut company is durability – masonry can be expected to stay strong for about a century –, but the prolonged exposure to water and salt might damage the mortar that joins the brick or stone components and compromise the strength of the masonry construction. Whether you have a masonry driveway, a masonry fence, a fireplace made from masonry or your building is made from masonry walls, having all the brick and stone structures inspected and, if necessary, repaired before winter is very important. Here is why:

  • Improved resistance to water penetration – masonry repair usually involves the repair of the mortar that joins the bricks or the pieces of stone as well as the sealing of the surface, therefore a repaired masonry structure will provide much better protection from moisture;
  • Improved energy efficiency – the crumbling mortar in your masonry walls might develop tiny holes through which energy slips out of your building, therefore restoring your walls by refreshing the mortar in the joints will improve the energy-efficiency of your entire building;
  • Improved appearance – masonry repair might involve not only mortar replacement, but staining, painting and straightening of the surfaces as well, therefore getting your masonry inspected and repaired is a great way for improving the looks of your structure.