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Protecting Your Masonry From The Weather

Masonry Building Restoration

The Construction building restoration specialists agree that if it is not properly protected, a construction will require premature repairs – repairs for which the owner may pay considerable amounts of money, depending on the damaged elements.

In the case of a house under construction, the various uncovered structural elements, such as supporting pillars, must be protected to prevent rust and degradation. In addition, it is advisable that the walls be insulated with polystyrene as quickly as possible and protected with plastic foil. If no action is taken, the water will infiltrate between bricks, causing them to remain wet for many years.

In the case of a finished house, masonry has to be protected with adequate siding.

Most common types of siding

  • Stucco

Typically a mixture of cement and sand, or cement and lime, Stucco is applied all over the house, to protect it from the elements. Stucco is versatile: simple or textured, allowing the application on any surface and in various shapes. It can also be painted in any color.

  • Concrete

Concrete is obtained from cement, gravel, sand and water, mixed in various proportions. It hardens when dry and creates a durable home exterior.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is currently the most popular siding material due to its price, durability, low maintenance and versatility.

  • Natural materials (wood, stone)

Very beautiful and resistant as siding materials, wood and stone add a sense of traditional charm to any home.

Storm Damage In Connecticut

Masonry Restoration For Storm Damage

Connecticut is no stranger to storms and even hurricanes with devastating effects. Hurricane season starts in June and you must be prepared even when weather forecast is optimistic.

Storm damage can be severe, especially if you live in a flood prone area, so you need a strategy for such situations. Don’t wait until the last minute to do it.

Before the storm, identify the safe places in your home, where you can shelter, as well as potentially dangerous places (windows, doors, etc.) that need to be secured. Stop the utilities (electricity, gas, water) and put the documents and valuable objects in a safe place.

There are also preventive measures that you should consider permanently; they include trimming the tree branches around your house, to prevent them from falling and damaging your property, as well as having a solid roof above your head designed to withstand weather conditions in your area and maintained regularly to ensure its performance.

If a storm hits your home in Connecticut and you need help, make sure to have a list of water damage and masonry restoration Connecticut technicians in your area, who provide emergency services. They will help you prevent secondary damage, restore your home to pre-storm condition and reduce the cost of restoration.


What Is Concrete Restoration?

Masonry Restoration

Concrete and reinforced concrete are the most widespread building materials because their execution is quite simple, the core components are relatively inexpensive, requiring minimal maintenance. However, in the absence of this minimal maintenance, the concrete degrades significantly and the constructions become unsafe.

Today there are product systems and companies like New England Masonry and Restoration that offer complete solutions for damaged concrete as a result of continually changing weather conditions, chlorine ions, contaminants and extreme environments. These contain primers, cement based mortars and resins, as well as cosmetic mortars. These products are used to replace damaged concrete and restore its original integrity.

Formulated for wet or dry application, these products are efficient, restoring the long-term durability and the strength of the concrete. With fast drying, they equalize concrete strengths, improve aesthetics and extend the life cycle of the building or structure.

  • Primers

Water or resin-based, they prepare a clean and homogeneous surface for repair mortars and contain corrosion inhibitors for the durable protection of steel reinforcements.

  • Structural repair mortars

Mortars for universal repairs, they restore the integrity of damaged structures.

  • Mortars for non-structural repairs

Cementitious repair mortars for the restoration of non-structural concrete elements

  • Finishing layers

They match the color and texture of the original concrete for a smooth and homogenous finish.

The Importance of Protecting Your Building from Too Much Moisture

The Importance Of Keeping Moisture Out

Protecting buildings from moisture is not that difficult a task, though it can be somewhat tricky. Finding all the areas where moisture can creep in, either as a result of rainwater leaking through the roof or improper ventilation or walls that need masonry restoration, can be some what of a chore even for experts. However, it’s also well worth the effort, since there are many good reasons why you will want to avoid moisture building up in your building or home:


  1. First, moisture can cause the formation of mold and mildew, leading to the walls or roof of your building being affected and ultimately needing expensive repairs.
  2. Moisture can also become a problem if you’re storing a lot of documents and paperwork. It can easily affect any older papers and make them unreadable, so make sure you deal with your moisture problem or relocate the most important papers to another location.
  3. Moisture will lead to serious problems with your roof, if you don’t contain it within a certain amount of time. Most homes and buildings have roof decking made from wood or affordable membrane roofing that can be affected by water over time, especially if the moisture comes from inside the home. Combined with condensation, excess moisture can easily damage the interior structure of your roof over time, requiring extensive repairs or even a roof replacement.

The Benefits of Slate Roofing – Why Should You Spend Money on the Most Expensive Roof in the Business?

Quality Enduring Slate RoofingRoofing is a lot more diverse than it used to be. Back in the day you only had a few options to get a new roof, and slate was still expensive even then. However, nowadays you can also get a variety of metal roofing, as well as green roofs, advanced asphalt shingles that are cheap and last longer than they used to, and much more.  When doing needed building restoration repairs it is important to go with roofing and siding materials that are long lasting.


However, there are a few important advantages associated with natural slate that will simply never be bested by any other roof:


  • Despite being the most expensive type of roof, slate roofing is also the most durable. It can outlast any type of roof, and some old slate roofs are estimated to have been around for well over 100 years.
  • Slate is also very durable. Whether you’re facing strong winds, hurricanes, hail storms or snow storms, a slate roof that goes through proper maintenance can withstand just about anything mother nature can throw at it.
  • Finally, slate is better than most types of roofing materials when it comes to withstanding the destructive power of fire. This fire-resistant roof will protect your home with great ease until the firefighters get there to finally save the day.