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3 Things You Never Knew About Building Restoration

If the idea of buying an old house in less than perfect condition and of restoring it is appealing to you, you need to be prepared not only to work a lot and to put in lots of money into the process, but you will need to be ready for the surprises that old buildings usually come with. Here are some things that you should know about building restoration:

  • The roof is always a critical component – the roof being the topmost layer of your building and the layer that is the most exposed to the elements, the condition of the structure will determine the overall condition of the building. If the walls of your old building are structurally strong, it is a good idea to start the restoration process with the roof to avoid any deterioration caused by water leaking through an incomplete or severely damaged roof.
  • Masonry restoration – this part of the process can be quite tricky. If you see an old wall that you want to restore or refresh, you need to be prepared that the wall might not be as strong as it looks after all. If you already have the architectural design for the restoration, it is a good idea to leave some room for changes – old walls might need an approach that is different from what you had in mind for them.
  • Maintaining the style of the facade is important – depending on the neighborhood where your building is located, you might be required by the authorities to preserve the initial style and features of the architecture.

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