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5 Common Signs Your Commercial Building Needs Masonry Restoration

Masonry Restoration Commercial Buiilding Wall Restore

When rehabilitating/consolidating the masonry structures, the following factors must be considered: the age of the construction, the type of masonry, and the connecting material between the masonry elements: dry masonry, mortars with binders (clay type, lime, cement mortar), the structural system (unreinforced masonry, reinforced masonry, confined masonry), the type of foundations, etc.

Excluding the degradation of structures because of design and execution mistakes, the main causes of damage to the masonry can be:

  • lack of maintenance of the construction and the appearance of the condensation phenomenon
  • exceeding the bearing capacity of the foundation ground in case of new constructions adjacent to the existing construction
  • improper exploitation (exploitation loads above typical values);
  • uncontrolled interventions (suppression of structural elements)
  • dynamic actions on the foundation ground
  • seismic action

Common signs your commercial building needs masonry restoration include:

  • The appearance of cracks in the masonry walls resulting from the degradation of the foundation ground
  • Cracked walls caused by horizontal actions, following the direction of the diagonals, because of exceeding the stretching capacity and cracking at the base of the walls, caused by horizontal actions
  • The appearance of cracks at the intersections of the walls because of the lack of connections to ensure spatial cooperation
  • The appearance of oblique cracks above the gaps of doors and windows because of the seismic action
  • The dislocation of masonry in areas with high concentrations of tension.

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