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5 Reasons to Choose TPO Roofing for Your Connecticut Commercial Property

TPO Commercial Roofing Product Connecticut Business

TPO roofing was developed in the `90s, and its purpose was to combine the advantages of EPDM and PVC roofing systems. For managers and commercial building owners, this commercial roofing Connecticut solution offers several advantages over other low-slope roofing options.

Reasons to choose a TPO membrane for your Connecticut commercial property:

Energy Efficiency

A commercial roof covered with a TPO membrane can bring significant energy savings. Grey, Tan and White options are registered as cool roofing options, because light colors are reflective, which means that, on hot summer days, cooling costs are reduced and the roof is protected from solar radiation. A TPO roof meets the EPA Energy Star requirements.


TPO membranes offer the same benefits as PVC roofing solutions, but at a lower price. That`s why it is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. roofing industry.

Easy Installation

TPO is resistant, lightweight and is manufactured in wide sheets – wider than other materials. The result is faster installation, fewer seams and better results.


This roof cover solution stands out from other materials due to its durability. It resists puncturing, tearing and staining, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the movement. Of the building that settle over time.  


The Single Ply TPO roofing solution is adaptable to any geographic location and weather conditions. System specifications can be customized to meet different wind uplift codes. TPO roof systems can be ballasted, fully glued or mechanically fixed.