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An Explanation of EPDM Roofing

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EPDM refers to a rubber roofing membrane, namely to ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, which is typically used for low-sloped roofing systems all across the globe. EPDM can be fully adhered, attached mechanically or ballasted.

In fact, EPDM is nothing but the synthetic variant of natural rubber, thus sharing its main characteristics and qualities. EPDM can be installed easily and safely, without the need for open flames. At the same time, this material is very durable. It can last for up to 50 years. It is UV and ozone resistant, other qualities that ensure its high popularity.

This popularity is also due to the fact that many architects and professional roofers such as New England Masonry and Restoration recommend this type of material, especially for flat or low-sloped structures.

EPDM roofing makes it possible to seal the entire roof at a time, with the help of prefabricated membranes that are simply adhered to the pre-existing roofing structure.

EPDM roofing can be cleaned by using several methods. The purpose of this cleaning process is to remove all the potential dirt and thus obtain a fresh surface. This can be accomplished with the help of plastic scrub pads or other products that are designed especially for maintaining this type of roofing material.