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An Explanation of Tuck-Pointing

masonry process restoration tuck pointing

Tuck-pointing is a process that serves functional as well as ornamental roles. The method involved is used for refreshing the appearance of old and worn brick and mortar walls, for making cement walls look as if they were traditional brick and mortar walls as well as for restoring the strength of old brick walls by replacing the old, crumbling mortar in the joints. Here is what the masonry restoration Connecticut process involves:

  • Removing the old mortar – if used for repairing an old wall or for refreshing its looks, the process starts with the removal of the old mortar that joins the bricks and the creation of grooves of uniform depth;
  • Filling with red mortar – the next step is the application of brick-colored mortar in place of the old mortar;
  • Creating grooves – while the red mortar is still soft, thin grooves are created to make space for the white mortar;
  • Adding white mortar – the white mortar is added into the grooves to restore the traditional red and white appearance of the wall.

If the process is used for giving a cement wall an appearance that resembles traditional, brick and mortar walls, the process of tuck-pointing is essentially the same, with the difference that the wall will need to be painted into the desired shade of red or terracotta.