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Attractive Roofing Materials That Connecticut Commercial Roofing Experts Would Recommend

Connecticut Roofing Materials Commercial Building

Connecticut commercial roofing experts may recommend several roofing materials based on the specific needs of a commercial building. Metal, TPO and EPDM are just a few of the main types of roofs you can consider, with PVC and modified bitumen also known to be among the best materials used for commercial roofing Connecticut buildings.

Metal roofing is a durable and long-lasting option that can withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and snow. It is also energy efficient, as it reflects sunlight and heat, reducing cooling costs in the summer. However, many people still don’t know just how appealing certain metal roofs are, as well as being able to provide a cheap alternative to slate and concrete, and to minimize costs associated to customized roofing.

TPO and EPDM roofing are both popular choices for commercial buildings. TPO is highly durable and energy efficient. It is made of a single-ply membrane that is heat-welded, providing excellent resistance to UV rays, punctures, and tears. EPDM roofing is a more cost-effective and long-lasting option that is made of a single-ply rubber membrane. You’ll find it to be highly resistant to UV rays, weathering, and punctures, making it an ideal choice for appealing and practical flat roofs.

PVC roofing is yet another popular choice for commercial buildings as it is highly resistant to chemical damage and UV rays. It is also durable and can retain its integrity and appearance in the long run..

Modified bitumen roofing is also quite stylish and practical for low-sloped roofs as it is highly resistant to punctures and tears. It is made of multiple layers of asphalt and rubber that are laminated together, providing excellent protection against leaks and water damage.