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The Benefits of Good Fire-Retardant Roofing Shingles

The technical specifications attached to roofing shingles include not only details related to weight, size and strength, but a fire-retardant rating as well – this is the detail you should check if you need shingles for a building located in a fire-prone area or you are looking for shingles that provide enhanced protection against fires. However, browsing shingle descriptions is time-consuming, so here are the types of shingles that have the highest fire-retardant rating:

  • Fiberglas-based asphalt – more than two-thirds of all shingle roofs in the US use this type of shingles, preferred for its attractive appearance, the low costs and the excellent fire resistance;
  • Concrete – the material is popular for residential roofs and they are also frequently chosen for industrial and commercial applications specially for its great fire-retardant features. However, these great and resistant shingles are quite heavy, so before the final decision regarding the roofing material it is recommended to check building resistance figures (concrete shingles are not suitable for very lightweight structures that cannot hold up very heavy roofs);
  • Metal – metal shingles are lightweight and resistant to moisture, heat and fires. Another feature that makes metal shingles so popular is easy installation – a metal roof can be put up very quickly, even without removing the old roof. All three are great roofing choices and can be installed by a locally owned commercial roofing Connecticut company.