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What Are the Benefits of Slate Roofs?

Roofing Product Benefits

Choosing the right cover materials for your roof is an important decision. There are plenty of options, but some materials are more resistant and more expensive than others, some are suitable for particular climates etc., so you must be very well informed.

A strong roof is made of strong materials, properly installed by specialists. Attractive and natural, slate is one of the most durable roof cover materials, ensuring many decades of effective protection, in any type of climate and for every type of building. Although it is an expensive choice, the natural appearance, durability and variety of slate shingles make this natural stone an unrivaled option for a roof. The natural beauty and the fact that it lasts for a long time are also two of the most important features that make people choose a slate roof.

Installed correctly, this material provides fire protection and requires minimal maintenance. Specialists recommend installing slate tiles on a roof with a minimum of 45 degrees pitch that allows rapid evacuation of rainwater and prevents permanent humidity that causes so much degradation over time. Slate shingles do not rot and are not attacked by insects; they can withstand any weather and preserve their original color. Slate shingles are also recyclable.

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