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Best Products For Finishing Your Garage Floor

When it comes to garages, durable floor protection and increased resistance to wear (mechanical, thermal, freeze-thaw, chemicals etc.) is more than important for the longevity of the concrete.

Epoxy floors are modern systems, suitable for any type of garage, due to the special properties that differentiate them from other finishes solutions. Made of high-quality epoxy resin, these products have proved their worth, resisting in various conditions, which definitely recommends them as one of the best finishes for private garages.

The garage is not just the place where you park your car, but also the space where you can solve various household chores. Therefore, you need this practical, versatile floor material, suitable for all your activities. Why are the epoxy floors ideal for such a space? Here are just a few of their qualities:

  • They have a long lifespan
  • They are resistant to traffic, abrasion and mechanical shock
  • They have a smooth and continuous surface, with no joints
  • They create a non-slipping surface
  • They are resistant to moisture, dirt and chemicals
  • They can be cleaned easily and quickly, with special detergents
  • They are eco-friendly, containing no solvents or toxic substances;
  • They come in a wide range of colors

Epoxy paint can be applied in just a few days, over concrete, cement and other materials.  The wonderful Connecticut masonry folks at New England Masonry and Restoration do a quality job like no other in the area.