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Can Snow Cause Problems with Your Roof?

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Winter cannot be complete without snow, but a snow blanket that is too thick not only makes even the most common, daily chores more difficult to accomplish, but it can also be harmful to roofs. Here are some of the most common issues that snow can cause on your roof:

  • Ice and snow, especially wet snow, are very heavy and they can press hard on your roof, causing not only the topmost layer of your roof to bend and to twist, but inducing structural changes in the deeper layers and support structures as well. The most common issues caused by excess weight on roofs are roof sagging, the appearance of leaks, cracks in the walls and cracking noises coming from everywhere in the house – if you notice any of these, call expert help at once because you are faced with a potentially dangerous situation;
  • The formation of ice dams – icicles form when the warm air from inside the home rises to the roof and melts the snow on it, transforming it into water that runs down on the slope of the roof and freezes again. Ice dams are dangerous because they can harm the roof and they can tear or break the gutters to which they attach.  The same is true with roof issues during the winter for your commercial building, a commercial roofing CT contractor should be called immediately.