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Can Stone Be Installed Over a Brick Exterior?

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If you are looking for an elegant solution to refresh the appearance of your building from the outside, stone, more precisely stone veneer is a great solution. Brick exteriors are great and durable, but after a while, the material starts crumbling – fortunately, brick buildings stay strong even when time seems to say its word, so you can easily refresh it by installing stone on the surface. Here are a few things that you should know about:

  • Pay attention to preparing the surface – stone can be installed directly on the brick, but only after making sure that the brick provides a stable base for the veneer. The first step is the removal of any paint from the brick surface (you must never install stone on a painted wall). You can prepare the surface through washing or sandblasting – don’t stop until you achieve a surface that is porous, but no longer crumbling;
  • Apply a layer of rough mortar or install cement board on the surface to enable the wall to receive the stone;
  • Wait until the surface is completely dry;
  • Choose the right type of veneer – stone veneer comes in three main types: artificial stone made from cement is attractive and easy to install, therefore suitable for DIY handling; natural stone is more expensive and also needs some experience to handle properly and faux stone, made from polyurethane.

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