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Can You Really Get a Commercial Roof Replaced During the Winter?

Winterize Commercial Roofing During Winter

The season of winter is probably the most challenging when it comes to the idea of replacing or repairing a roof. Most roofing experts will tend to avoid handling complex jobs in the winter, since the winter materials themselves might freeze, and you’ll be left having to wait for warmer weather to come before certain activities can be completed.

Nevertheless, some types of roofing jobs can be completed quite successfully during the winter, as long as they don’t rely too heavily on tasks that depend on the onset of warmer temperatures.

For flat roofing systems from New England Masonry and Restoration, it can actually be easier to set them up during the winter, since the temperatures are more stable at that time. Since most flat roofing systems will not require overly warm temperatures, it’s not a bit issue to install a commercial roof in winter.

For sloped roofs, the general consensus is that you need a temperature of at least 40 degrees for tar or roof sealant to be used properly. Most of the time, it will only take up to 24 hours for roof sealant to activate and for your shingles to seal properly. If the temperature is colder than 40-70 degrees, however, then these materials might not seal properly, or the process could take longer, leaving your roof vulnerable to damage.