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Checklist For Commercial Building Maintenance Professionals

Checklist For Commercial Building Restoration

Facility Management is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the maintenance of commercial buildings such as malls, offices and business parks, logistic parks, hotels, resorts, schools, sports arenas, congress centers etc. Common tasks include maintenance of air conditioning systems, electrical and lighting systems- all of which being part of the technical maintenance; cleaning, disinfection and pest control, space management, landscaping and security are also a part of this field. Technical aspects of these services are usually supervised by the Building Management System.

Facility Management technique involves anticipating and solving problems through regular maintenance, before they degenerate. Being proactive instead of passive or reactionary is the most important thing for efficient operations in any building. This ability differentiates the professional performances from mediocrity.

Commercial building restoration maintenance professionals offer their clients a comprehensive set of solutions aiming at increasing efficiency, optimizing processes and, not least, reducing costs. The maintenance of the installations and equipment is typically done on the basis of an annual maintenance program including emergency corrective interventions, in the event of damage.

The most common objects of the maintenance operations:

  • Electrical installations
  • Plumbing
  • Fire extinguishing installations
  • HVAC systems
  • Construction (paints, ceramic tiles, thermal insulation and waterproofing etc.)

Other services included on the checklist of commercial building maintenance professionals:

  • Daily and monthly reports to beneficiaries
  • Reading utility meters
  • Technical audit of the buildings
  • Solutions to reduce costs
  • Permanent technical assistance