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Commercial Buildings and Gutters

building and gutters restoration

Gutters are essential components of any roofing system – both residential and commercial roofs need them for being relieved of rainwater and melted snow. While residential and commercial gutters play the same role and work in very similar ways, commercial gutters are also somewhat different from the pipes used on homes – here are some distinctive features of commercial gutters:

  • Building codes – the codes that regulate the types of materials and the structure of commercial gutters are more stringent that the regulations applicable in the case of residential construction and the positioning of commercial gutters and downspouts also need to comply with special standards;
  • Size – commercial gutters are usually larger than the pipes used on residential buildings.

If you want to make sure not only that the gutters on your commercial building meet all requirements in building restoration, but also that your gutters will provide you durable protection, you can install gutter leaf guards. The half-pipes or brush-like guards are installed inside the gutter pipes and they play the role of preventing debris, such as leaves, dust, feathers, twigs and other debris from getting into the gutters and clogging your pipes. Regular gutter maintenance is also very important, so make sure to get the pipes cleaned every six months.