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Commercial Roofing Issues to Look Out For

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs are sturdy, resistant and durable structures, but even so, their constant exposure to the elements can wear them down, and require the repair from a licensed commercial roofing Connecticut company.  Here are the most common signs of damage, signs that you should pay attention to if you want to maintain your commercial roof in good condition:

  • Roof leaks – roofing leaks are very common issues that can be caused by the displacement of a roofing component or can signal a more severe structural problem that should not be neglected;
  • Ponding water – this issue typically affects flat roofs and needs immediate attention to prevent more serious issues, such as structural damage, leaks and the general weakening of the roof;
  • Punctures – the smaller or larger holes that can appear on membrane roofs are usually caused by impact and by foot traffic and they can seriously weaken the roof, so they need to be addressed immediately when they are discovered;
  • Shrinkage – another issue that affects single-ply roofing systems, shrinkage is a process caused by temperature changes and other environmental effects. The signs to look for include flashing pulling away from the wall and the cracking of the membrane;
  • Surface erosion, ridging and blistering – also common on single-ply roofs.