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What Are The Top 3 Questions To Ask When Getting A Commercial Roof Replaced?

Getting your commercial roof replaced can be a big deal and can have an impact on the future of your business and keep your employees safe. When looking for the right professionals to work on your roof, you should consider three top questions:

  1. Are you licensed, insured and bonded? In case they are licensed, you can rest assured that they register with the state’s board. Being bonded means that you do your work correctly and ethically. And insurance, that they can cover for damages that are not your fault.
  2. Where is your company located? It is best to hire people from your own region. This way you can check on their previous work, communicate better and make sure that local requirements and regulations are observed.
  3. How old is your business? Knowing how long have been on the commercial roofing CT market is essential, as you can get a clear image about their level of expertise and experience. Although newly established businesses tend to have lower prices, older companies generally have better quality.

Surely you can come up with plenty more questions, but these are the most helpful and can help you reach out to a professional, trustworthy commercial roofing team.

What Is a Preventive Maintenance Program and Why Do You Need It?

In roofing, a preventive maintenance program can be used to prevent roof damage and fix smaller issues before they become too costly and difficult to repair. For example, if there is minor damage to your flashing, preventive maintenance can detect it early on, and the damaged part of the flashing can be repaired or replaced, so you won’t have to deal with heavy leaks and extensive water damage later on.

Most roofing contractors with New England Masonry and Restoration will provide you with a preventive maintenance program, and some even have flexible and extensive maintenance programs to choose from. They typically specialize in roofing maintenance, so they can definitely help you choose the right type of maintenance plan for your roof.

Generally, these plans will include a thorough roof inspection and investigation to find any potential issues, as well as a set of services and guidelines to help clean your roof and keep up with the right maintenance checklist. The checklist itself will differ from one type of roofing to another, as each material and style is unique and will require slightly different roof maintenance tasks.

When you’re looking to prevent damage to your roof, preventive maintenance programs are the way to go. Contact your local roofing contractor to find out more about these practical and handy maintenance plans.

What Is the Best Time to Consider Waterproofing Your Roof?

best practice waterproofing commercial roofing

The idea of waterproofing your roof is often one that requires a great deal of forethought. Even if you’re convinced that you’ve taken everything into account, that often isn’t necessarily so. One of the more vital aspects of commercial roofing CT that most people don’t think about in this regard is the timing of waterproofing and when the task should be considered in the first place.

Waterproofing is typically necessary in the case of certain roofing systems, such as concrete and slate ones, that don’t have a very extensive underlayment, and can allow the water to flow straight to your attic and walls. Adequate waterproofing will protect not only your house, but the interior of the roofing structure as well, which when exposed to a leak could develop severe water damage and there may be consequences such as mold forming in the affected areas.

As such, the best time to check for leaks and waterproof your roof is a few weeks before autumn, spring or any other kind of rainy season that exists in your area will make an appearance. By scheduling your roof inspection and upgrade during that time, you will be able to minimize the exposure of your home and your roof’s interior structure to rainwater and other unwanted long term issues such as the formation of ice dams.

How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last in Connecticut on Average?

When it comes to roofing, the opinions on how long a roof should last tend to vary. For sloped, residential roofing, you can expect a high quality roof such as one made of slate or metal to last for over 50 years. However, commercial roofs are not that resilient. Partly because of the size and the materials involved and partly because of the flat surface receiving greater impact from rainfall and hail over time, and being exposed to issues like pooling, commercial roofs will only last for up to 30-40 years, with some cheaper installations only expected to last for about 10-15 years at most.

In Connecticut, we also have to factor in the general climate and overall weather conditions in the area. This means even a robust commercial roof could be damaged more severely over time by the harsher winters and greater temperature fluctuations in Connecticut over time, so that its projected lifespan will be shorter than normal.

The climate in Connecticut is typically humid continental or humid subtropical, which also means that the greater humidity and precipitation (similar to that of Great Britain) will greatly factor in as well. Greater humidity means your commercial roof will have to be repaired more frequently, and its lifespan might also be diminished by a few years, depending on how robust the construction of the roof actually is. Finding the right commercial roofing Connecticut professional makes a difference in how your new roof will last.

Questions To Ask When You Research Your Commercial Roofing Provider

Ask The Right Questions Commercial Roofing

Business owners usually invest a lot in the general look of their commercial building, namely because they are aware of the fact that a nice looking appearance can attract many customers. And this appearance also includes the roofing system.

A commercial roofing system may require a large amount of investment, but it is very important to have properly installed, long-lasting roofing system on top of their commercial property.

One of the best questions to ask your commercial roofing provider is whether they have license. At the same time, it may be useful to get familiar with your local requirements for commercial roofing Connecticut license.

Another good question to ask your roofing contractor is if they offer medical compensation in case their employees get injured. This can be extremely helpful in case one of their workers suffers any accidents or your property gets damaged.

Questions regarding work experience are also very important while you are in the process of choosing the best team for your roofing. It is important to know the exact amount of time they have been in business.

At the same time, you should know whether your roofing contractors can offer any warranty or if they can provide you with any written estimates.