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Concrete or Masonry for Your 2020 Project?

What's Best Masonry Or Concret

The weather is becoming increasingly severe each year all over the world and the process calls for more solid, more durable building solutions and for materials that can stand up to the strongest winds, excessive rain as well as to heat and harsh sunshine. Two of the strongest and most durable building solutions available today are concrete and masonry – if you are currently in the process of choosing the material for your new building’s walls, but you don’t know whether concrete or masonry would work best for you, here are a few things that you should know about these two materials:

  • The raw material – masonry walls are made from bricks (made from shale or clay that is formed to shape and cured at high temperatures to give bricks the durability, the resistance and the thermal efficiency that make them so popular), while concrete is made from a mixture of cement, water and aggregate material;
  • The building technique – masonry walls are erected one row at a time. Individuals bricks are placed in a row, then mortar is poured between every two bricks, a layer of mortar is spread on top of the row of bricks to prepare the place for the next row of bricks, then the procedure is repeated. Concrete is mixed to form a paste and it is poured into the frame that is removed when the concrete has dried.  As with most restoration projects, it’s best to contact those in the Connecticut masonry industry for advice.