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Concrete Restoration in Connecticut – Aiming for the Most Durable Restoration Solutions

New England Masonry and Restoration

Let’s imagine what would happen if, walking down the street and passing by an old building, a balcony or an entire wall collapsed on us. Let’s imagine that we are having fun in a club, and the second floor suddenly collapses. Let’s imagine how we could be affected if a major earthquake surprises us in an unconsolidated building. We could be trapped under the rubble, or worse, we could lose our lives!

In general, the causes of masonry degradation include:

  • Construction materials such as bricks and mortar are getting old
  • Lack of maintenance of the construction
  • Condensation
  • Degradation of the foundation, as a result of rainwater infiltration, leaks from the sewerage, raising the level of the groundwater or changing its route due to new constructions etc.
  • Seismic action
  • Other extraordinary events such as explosions, fires, etc.

Durable concrete restoration involves the consolidation of the masonry from companies like New England Masonry and Restoration through some of the following operations:

  • restoration of dislocated masonry
  • dressing walls in reinforced concrete
  • Injecting cracks and crevices with filling materials
  • “Sewing” cracks with steel stiches
  • Using horizontal and vertical elements of reinforced concrete etc.

To benefit from the best and most durable concrete restoration services in Connecticut, contact a construction company authorized for such projects and with experience in this field. Restoration work is complex and may also require special permits.