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Connecticut Commercial Roofing Specialists Advise: Perform Winter Inspection Now

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Your Connecticut commercial roofing system is most certainly exposed to various weather conditions, which can do a lot to damage its structure or just its surface. Taking the necessary precautions always proves to be the best step you can take to protect the investment you made in your roof.

To make sure your commercial roof is in its best shape and able to withstand the extremely cold Connecticut winters, you should choose experienced, licensed and insured roofing specialists. While assessing the state of your roof, there are specific things that the experts check.

For example, they usually check if there is any water accumulation on your commercial roof. Your drainage system should work properly, otherwise this may cause water to get inside your house or inside its foundation, which can be very harmful for its structure and not only.

Hail, strong winds and other extreme weather events can seriously damage your roof. So make sure you fix any kind of issues before the arrival of the cold season.

Metal elements, HVAC systems and flashings should also be verified by commercial roofing CT professionals. At any rate, it would be a good idea to ask your roofing contractors for written recommendations. And, last but not least, always keep your roofing clean and free of obstructive elements.