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Connecticut Masonry Experts on Dealing with Old Masonry Constructions

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Consolidating an old masonry construction requires a lot of work, patience, a generous budget and, above all, a good plan. If you decide to start such a project, Connecticut masonry specialists are your best source of information, both in terms of the necessary works and materials, as well as in terms of getting the necessary building permits.

If we are talking about an old building that is also a historical monument, things will be a little more complicated and expensive, because you will need more approvals to restore it.

The consolidation works differ from one building to another, depending on the age, the degree of damage and the materials from which the building was constructed. Older buildings generally have a resistance structure made of load-bearing masonry. In their case, the gravitational and seismic forces are taken over by the walls, so they will eventually require consolidation work.

The most common solution for such problems would be to strengthen the damaged wall by dressing it in reinforced concrete, on one or both sides. In the case of buildings with historical importance, however, this method is not recommended because the shape, size and materials used in the original construction must be preserved. A consolidation to a historical building involves the restoration of the masonry, by injecting the cracks with filling materials, as well as the use of mortar for patching work.

Before making the decision to consolidate an old building, always turn to specialists at https://www.nemasonry.com to evaluate the construction and establish the best consolidation solution.