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Connecticut Masonry Solutions for Buildings Older Than 100 Years

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Preserving old buildings may not only be good for business, but also historically significant. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy, and old masonry often has to be restored for the building to continue remaining strong in the face of future storms and stressors.

What needs to be considered from the start is that older buildings are often built on dated ideas about architecture and engineering. As such, some problems can’t be solved unless the entire building is torn down and rebuilt. That, of course, isn’t an option and masonry experts often have to get creative about how they approach the issue.

Hiring a masonry professional like New England Masonry and Restoration with knowledge and experience with historic building restoration is a good first step. Additionally, it’s a good idea to hire someone who knows all about working with materials such as concrete, cast stone, terracotta and brick. These are some of the most essential materials used over 100 years ago in construction.

Finally, external masonry walls have gone through many important changes throughout the past decades, which means that most inexperienced masons will not know a lot about the technologies used before that. Again, experience is very important here, and you’ll find it beneficial to ensure that the masonry experts you hire are seasoned enough to know all about old masonry methods involving steel anchors and lintels, dated sealants and steel structural elements used around the turn of the 20th century.