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Do Commercial Buildings Have Gutters?

Are Roofing Gutters Important For A Commercial Building


We cannot possibly know if all commercial buildings have gutters, but one thing is sure: commercial buildings need gutters, just like residential buildings. Without them, water will flow down along the walls, damaging their structure, the siding materials, causing discoloration and altering the overall aspect of the building. This would be quite bad for a commercial building, which relies on creating a positive first impression to clients and customers.

Most business owners are aware of the benefits offered by a roof drainage system; as such, gutters can be seen in commercial buildings, just like in residential buildings. However, they are a bit different.

First, in the case of commercial properties, building code requirements are a bit more stringent and may affect the type of material gutters are made from, as well as their design. On the other hand, commercial properties have different needs compared to residential properties. The most popular material for home gutters is vinyl, but it is typically too feeble for the needs of a commercial building. Commercial gutters are made in aluminum and steel, and their capacity is higher than the standard 5-inch gutter used on most residential buildings.

Considering their size, commercial gutters should be protected with guards designed to keep away most of the debris, call on the professionals at http://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing for installation pricing and services.