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Flat vs. Sloped Roofing: Why Would Commercial Buildings Use Slate Roofing Material?

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It’s no secret that natural slate is one of the most durable and commonly used materials in the roofing industry. Even synthetic slate has a lot of great qualities, and can be used in a similar manner. However, there is one catch: slate is typically associated with residential roofs. So what is it doing in a discussion about commercial roofing?

The truth is a lot of commercial buildings actually use roofs that are similar to sloped residential roofing systems. They have the same shape and size of roofs usually used to protect large mansions, except they are made to be somewhat more simple and durable. Slate commercial roofing has been used in the 1800s, before the typical appearance of modern day commercial buildings took shape. Today it’s still used by some building owners, who prefer a more traditional appearance and want to invest into commercial roofing Connecticut systems that will withstand the test of time much better than others.

So here’s the big one: while the most durable flat roof will rarely last for more than 50 years, a slate roof can last for 100-150 years quite easily. Some are even known to have lasted for 400 years with the proper maintenance – and that’s without the modern day construction and installation methods that exist today. Without a doubt, using slate for commercial buildings can pay off in the long run, and you might find it to be an excellent long term investment overall.