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Fun Things to Do in New England Before Summer’s End

If you’re visiting New England this summer, you’ll find there are a lot of great things to do without having to travel too far. This diverse area is ripe with everything from lakes, water parks and natural hiking trails, to unique venues, lighthouses, food festivals and much more.  Pay attention to the communities here too, as amazing work from local commercial roofing Connecticut experts show off their talent.


But what are the most fun and enjoyable things to do in New England before the summer comes to an end? Let’s take a look:


  • Cotton candy, arcade fun and a relaxing day at the beach are just some of the things you can enjoy while touring some of the most happening boardwalks of New England. Hampton Beach in New Hampshire is considered the best, but make sure to also visit Salisbury Beach for a truly unique experience.
  • Your New England summer will not be complete without a fun and exciting hiking trip. Trails like those along the Camel’s Hump or Mount Washington will show you the full splendor of New England’s stunning landscapes.
  • Waterplace Park in downtown Providence should definitely be one of the first places you visit in New England. Created by Barnaby Evans, an award-winning sculptor, this masterpiece is comprised by more than 100 bonfires blazing just above the three rivers that pass through Providence.


There are many other exciting places to visit and things to do in New England that you should definitely consider. Fishing along the local lakes and sea coasts, water rafting in Maine, or visiting the soothing waterfalls of New Hampshire are among the other activities that will make your summer truly memorable.