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Do You Have Hail Damage on Your Roof?

Hail damage is caused by a form of solid precipitation called hail stone. Stones vary in size, from small, pea-sized pieces of ice to stones the size of a softball or larger. Though the damage caused by hail stones to ground objects is visible, the issues caused by hail storms might not be that obvious in the case of roofs – here are some of the most common signs that your roof has sustained hail damage:

  • Metal parts are the most visibly affected by hail – check the gutters, the vents, the flashings in the roof valleys, around chimneys and around skylights for dents and cracks;


  • If you have a sloping roof that has ridge caps, check those parts for cracks, chipped or missing parts;


  • Asphalt shingles develop dents and bumps when they are affected by hail stones. Look for areas where the granules that protect the surface of the shingles are displaced or missing – the hail can rip off the granules, leaving the shingle substrate exposed and decreasing the roof’s resistance to water;


  • If you have roofing that uses rigid materials such as tiles, check for chipped parts and cracks. Be very meticulous because even the tiniest hairline crack can let water through, causing water damage or leaks in the roofing structure. For commercial building, be sure to hire commercial roofing Connecticut specialists to do the inspection for you.