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How Can You Check the Roof on Your Building for Damage?

Performing detailed inspections of your roof every year is essential for detecting any roof damage in time as well as for making timely decisions about repair. Ideally, the inspections should be carried out once in spring and once in summer, to detect the issues caused by winter and by summer, the two harshest seasons for roofs. Here is how to do it:

  • Inspections performed from the ground – in the first phase, you should inspect your roof standing on the ground. Look up on the roof and check for signs such as missing or displaced components, discolored patches or easy to notice damage on the accessories, such as sagging gutters and on the chimneys. Walk around your building looking at the ground, too – check for any crumbles that might have come from the roof, they indicate roof damage, too;
  • Inspections from roof level – your roof inspection session should also include inspection performed at roof level. Grab a sturdy ladder, place it on hard, even ground, climb up to the roof and check the roof surface, the vents, the flashing and the gutters from close. If you have a suitable opening from the attic, you can check your roof from the attic as well. It’s best to call on http://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing.