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How Does Commercial Roof Maintenance Differ from Residential Roof Maintenance?

When it comes to roof maintenance, the differences between taking care of an EPDM roofing installation and maintaining a regular residential sloped roof can be extensive. Commercial roofing systems can be a lot more demanding sometimes, but depending on their construction they can also be somewhat simpler and less problematic to deal with.

The main difference is the structure. While some flat roofs used as part of commercial roofing installations are simple and straightforward, residential roofs have a more complex layout and structure, with an interior framework that has to keep the roof supported.

On the other hand, commercial roofs can be larger and more elaborate than any typical residential roof you will encounter. The maintenance tasks they require can be somewhat extensive, and some might deal better with hail and rain than others. Moreover, because of the differences between how various materials perform and what types of coatings and other additions they might require to work properly, commercial roofers often have their fair share of difficulties to deal with during maintenance.

Your best choice to avoid the pitfalls of commercial roof maintenance and make sure your roof can withstand the test of time is to contact a local commercial roofing CT roofer, set up a meeting with them and discuss your options in terms of yearly roof inspections and maintenance plans.