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How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last in Connecticut on Average?

When it comes to roofing, the opinions on how long a roof should last tend to vary. For sloped, residential roofing, you can expect a high quality roof such as one made of slate or metal to last for over 50 years. However, commercial roofs are not that resilient. Partly because of the size and the materials involved and partly because of the flat surface receiving greater impact from rainfall and hail over time, and being exposed to issues like pooling, commercial roofs will only last for up to 30-40 years, with some cheaper installations only expected to last for about 10-15 years at most.

In Connecticut, we also have to factor in the general climate and overall weather conditions in the area. This means even a robust commercial roof could be damaged more severely over time by the harsher winters and greater temperature fluctuations in Connecticut over time, so that its projected lifespan will be shorter than normal.

The climate in Connecticut is typically humid continental or humid subtropical, which also means that the greater humidity and precipitation (similar to that of Great Britain) will greatly factor in as well. Greater humidity means your commercial roof will have to be repaired more frequently, and its lifespan might also be diminished by a few years, depending on how robust the construction of the roof actually is. Finding the right commercial roofing Connecticut professional makes a difference in how your new roof will last.