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How Long Does It Take for a Commercial Roof Inspection to Be Completed?

Do you know how long commercial roofing replacement takes

Commercial roofs need to be inspected for damage and problems just as residential roofs would. You have to make sure that your building is properly protected from the elements, and that’s the job of your commercial flat roof. Fortunately, the structure and construction of a commercial roof generally makes it easy for roofers to find any damage that could become a problem, and hidden damage is not often present.

When you call your contractor to inspect the roof, there are generally a few different issues that could be discovered:

  • Immediately visible storm damage;
  • Pooling, wear and tear, mold and other issues that usually take some time to form;
  • Structural damage and problems that could have originated during the installation process.

In general, a complete roof inspection of even some of the largest commercial roofs will rarely last for more than an hour or so. A thorough inspection from http://nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing will typically reveal a lot and allow the roofers to guide you in a relevant way regarding what areas to pay more attention to during roof maintenance.

If there is a significant problem, your roofers should be able to see it within minutes of starting the roof inspection process. They will quickly be able to tell you if a roof repair job is enough, or if your roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible.