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How Long Does Replacing Bricks Take and How Long Will the New Bricks Last?

Laying new bricks and replacing the old ones for your house or a wall can be somewhat difficult a task. If you don’t have any experience with masonry restoration and construction it’s best to not even attempt it, as the process can get pretty complicated fast, and you don’t know what unforeseen challenges you’ll have to face.

Typically how long it takes to lay new bricks will depend a lot on how extensive the project is. A simple restoration project where you only partially have to replace an old wall, or you only replace a few bricks here and there will require anything between a full hour and an entire week. However, when performed properly, the job won’t leave you feeling like it’s much too difficult for regular humans.

Taking it one step at a time, getting informed about the process and highlighting the safety issues involved will all be required steps. However, what many don’t usually think about is how much these basic considerations can really help you out.

When done properly, the brick work can last for up to 100 years quite easily. That means you might not have to think about replacing old bricks again for a very long time to come.