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How Masonry Can Modernize Your Building

Modern Building With Masonry WorkMasonry work is among the most traditional building procedures, but natural stone, brick and mortar can be used not only for creating structures that feature traditional styles, but for adding modern components as well. Here is how you can use masonry for your modernization project:

  • Add a fireplace – when we hear about built, masonry fireplaces, what usually comes to mind is a large mantelpiece and a large fire chamber with large logs burning quietly. However, you can have your new fireplace built in sleek, modern style, with more angular shapes and a glass door for an even more elegant look;
  • Add or replace a wall with a brick structure – you can replace one of your non-load bearing walls with a masonry structure with beautiful bricks revealed or painted into a bold color to spice up the looks of your home;
  • Build a masonry floor – masonry floors are not only very durable, resistant to any amount of traffic and easy to clean, but they also add class and style to your room, especially if it gets combined with some other type of flooring, such as smooth and shiny epoxy resin. You can also choose to have a mosaic made from carefully picked and polished stones for a look that is modern and traditional at the same time.  Find professional masonry companies in your neighborhood, like New England Masonry and Restoration for quality services.