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How Masonry Restoration Will Improve the Look of Your Building with Minimal Work

Appropriate solutions for masonry restoration depend on the types of wall systems that the buildings were designed with. Mass masonry wall systems are the oldest typology. Their practical design lasts thousands of years and is based on brick and stone. One such example is the Parthenon in Athens (Greece). However, between the 1890ʼs and the 2nd World War, the system transitioned from mass walls to steel skeleton frame construction that, eventually, became ineffective when buildings became taller and elevators were introduced. The transitional system is a hybrid of masonry and steel, and it is less resistant to moisture. It was replaced by the curtain/barrier system, whose main structure is steel or concrete with no internal system for managing moisture. Ultimately, this one was replaced by the cavity system, which is a structure of steel, concrete, or CMU (concrete masonry unit) designed to manage water properly. 

There are many repair and masonry restoration options for all systems, including horizontal surface protection and material and system repairs. Horizontal surfaces, in particular, are easy to repair or restore because they require minimal work and can significantly improve the aspect of the building. They are usually restored with silicone sealant (lasting up to ten years). Silicone sheeting can also be used as added protection and sheet metal (copper or stainless steel) installed for long-term preservation.