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How Quickly Can You Get a Bid on a Commercial Roof Installation?

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While in the old days it used to be quite difficult to get a bid from a dependable and respected roofing contractor, these days it’s done pretty much at lightning speed. Some commercial roofers can even provide you with an online questionnaire that you can fill out to get a very fast estimate and quote on your roof replacement.

Of course, it all boils down to what you actually need. So when you want to get bids as quickly as possible and be able to compare them in an accurate and relevant manner, you have to invite the roofers to inspect your roof. You can still provide them with some basic information from the start and have them guess on how much the roofing project will be worth, but that will just give you a very general estimate, instead of an accurate one.

Now, roof replacements are usually standard, and you can rely on the fact that the roofer isn’t trying to scam you by giving you information on a certain amount as an estimate. However, unforeseen commercial roofing Connecticut problems can still arise. The roof could have internal damage that needs additional work, or installing the type of roof you want could be challenging depending on the materials and structure that will be expected to support the new roof. So the general consensus among experts is that building owners should always get a detailed roof inspection and a written estimate before agreeing to any type of work being done on their building.