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How Roofing Maintenance Can Keep Your Roof Healthy When Major Storms Hit

Know How To Keep Commercial Roofing Healthy Long Lasting

A commercial roof is a big investment and, as a building owner or manager, you are surely interested in making it last for as long as it can. For this, you must choose quality materials and installation services, but also regular maintenance from an experienced commercial roofing Connecticut professional.

When a major storm hits, the fact that you maintained your roof on a regular basis can really make a difference.

A roof maintenance program typically includes different operations:

Inspecting the roof

Visual and technical inspection is important in order to detect problems and vulnerabilities of the roof, as well as to determine whether it needs repair or cleaning. When a storm hits, you want your roof to be in the best possible shape in order to be able to withstand it.

Cleaning the roof

It is important that the roof is free of debris, otherwise there may be issues related to moisture, membrane damage and clogged drainage system.

Trimming away trees that grow above the roof

During a storm, three branches may break and fall on the roof, causing damage.

Maintenance performed by a licensed roofer is also essential because you will get a written report as well as warranties for the repairs performed on your roof, which will be extremely important if you need to make an insurance claim.

After a storm, if your roof gets damaged and you have an insurance, you will likely think about filing a claim. But if you cannot prove that at you have been proactive about your roof and maintained it on a regular basis, your insurer will likely decline your claim. That’s because maintenance is the responsibility of the building owner.