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How to Avoid Long Term Problems with TPO Roofing

How To Avoid Long Term Commercial Roofing CT Problems

TPO is considered to be among the best new roofing technologies developed in recent decades and used by commercial roofing CT professionals. Nevertheless, there can be many problems that arise as your TPO roof gets older. The following are just some of them, along with a few possible solutions that could fix them:

  • One of the main problems you might have to deal with when it comes to TPO roofing is a punctured membrane. While the roof itself is going to remain robust for years, over time, increased foot traffic and bad weather can lead to puncturing. Fortunately, by using a good primer, you won’t have to deal with this problem as the primer will offer additional protection to your roof.
  • Wear and tear is a common problem for company owners that opt for TPO roofing. An important concern is that harmful UV rays could lead to the degradation of adhesives and cause your TPO roof to suffer from poor integrity over time. It is crucial to ensure that the membrane sheets are overlapping during installation to minimize this issue.
  • If you ask roofing experts they can tell you that TPO technology is somewhat young. As such, a TPO roof might not last as long as an EPDM or other type of membrane roof. Fortunately, improvements are underway, and long term issues such as seam cracks and material failures can be resolved pretty easily with the help of an experienced commercial roofer.