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How to Choose the Right Contractor for Home Renovation

right masonry project construction contractors

Whether you are planning a small home repair project or a major overhaul, picking the right masonry restoration Connecticut contractor is essential for success. Here is how to hire the right specialist:

  • Use every source of information available – ask everyone you know to recommend you contractors and search online for the right specialist, too. Check the reputation of all the recommended contractors – there are lots of great forums and review websites where you can find out how honest and knowledgeable local contractors are. You should also check the licenses of the contractors that seem right – you should only hire a contractor who has a valid license to work in your state;
  • Contact the contractors on your list – personal contact is just as important as credentials and licenses. Call the contractors on your list, describe your project and invite them to see the job site – the way the contractors talk to you, how willing they are to explain the processes to you and to answer your questions will reveal a lot and will help you decide which one of them to hire;
  • Ask for detailed cost estimates – getting written estimates is also an essential step in evaluating contractors. Obtain at least three estimates and compare them not only in terms of prices, but also in terms of quality and warranties.