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How to Tell If There’s Too Much Snow on Your Roof

How to know if snow is too heavy for commercial roofing

Snow is beautiful and an essential component of winter, but a layer of snow that is too thick can cause serious harm to your roof. Here are some signs that help you determine whether the layer of snow on your roof has reached a level when it poses risks:

  • Noises coming from the roof – if the snow that has accumulated on your roof is becoming too thick, you will hear cracking, popping or creaking noises coming from the roof. The noises tell you that the snow is compacting and your roof is suffering underneath the excessive weight of the frozen water, so you should start figuring out to remove at least of the snow safely;
  • Leaks – if you see damp patches on your ceilings or water dripping, it is a sure sign that your roof has become damaged under the weight of the snow and has let some water through. Remove the snow from the roof, but be careful, your roof might have become weakened;
  • Sagging – any visible sagging is a roofing emergency and a commercial roofing Connecticut homeowners recommend should be called right away. If you look up at your snow-covered roof and you see that the ridge of no longer straight or the slope has started to give in, take snow removal measures right away to prevent roofing collapse.