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Why it’s Important to Inspect Your Roof During Spring

Spring Roof Inspection

Not all of us are construction engineers or architects, but if we own a home or business, we must be at least informed and responsible users, to avoid serious problems that may arise from lack of proper maintenance.

As we just got out of the cold season and it is well known that winter may affect the roof in particular, we must consider inspecting it in order to detect every possible damage, or schedule regular maintenance with a commercial roofing CT contractor.

Here is a list of the most important aspects that you need to check and that will probably require small repairs or maintenance work, which we advise you to consider doing immediately so that you can have a calm and trouble-free spring and summer.

Perform a visual inspection first. Regardless of the type of the roof cover (fiber cement boards, asphalt shingles, metal shingles, concrete ceramic tiles etc.), make sure all the elements are still firmly fixed and replace those that are damaged or missing. Check the chimney, air vents, skylights and the flashing around them. If you notice some potential problems, talk to a specialist urgently, for a correct evaluation.

Clean the gutters and downspouts. Remove any debris that may obstruct water evacuation (dry leaves, twigs etc.). If necessary, repair any cracks. Ensure that gutters are well aligned and still securely fastened.