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Is It Important to Waterproof Masonry?

Masonry Work At Construction Site

A building whose masonry is not waterproof may generate enormous heat losses; even a light wind can pull out the heat, even require the attention of masonry restoration Connecticut companies provide.

When we talk about energy efficiency, we mean obtaining a controlled environment, with no airflow. The lack of waterproofing measures negatively influences the indoor comfort, building durability and energy efficiency.

However, although waterproofing masonry is the right thing to do, there are many misconceptions about it, which makes it controversial and a subject highly debated. People`s concerns related to waterproofing masonry are the lack of air in the building and the fact that walls are not allowed to “breathe” properly. These concerns could be legit if we do not take into account proper house ventilation and adequate materials for waterproofing masonry.

But what you need to know is that vapor permeability of a material and waterproofing do not need to exclude each other. A good quality waterproof material is permeable to vapors, so it will cause no moisture issues.

Unfortunately, many people still refuse to take into account waterproofing masonry, considering it an obstacle to proper ventilation. What they do not know is that those air movements due to lack of waterproofing measures can have serious repercussions on various construction elements. Practically, when two air streams with different temperatures and levels of humidity meet, create a proper environment for condensation that destroys the insulation and even the building`s structure, over time.