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Is Masonry Restoration Expensive?

masonry costs restoration services blocks

There are rumors that masonry experts might earn in excess of $100 per hour. This isn’t actually an exaggeration, since masonry is a very trying and difficult job, and the average hourly wage for an accomplished masonry professional is actually in the neighborhood of about $80/hour. If you find a masonry expert who charges a lot less or a lot more than that amount, be wary. They might lack the necessary skill or experience, or they might be overcharging for their services.

Aside from the labor, the cost of masonry restoration can vary depending on other factors as well. These include:

  • The extent of the work;
  • How long ago your brick or stone walls or masonry was damaged;
  • Whether or not repointing is needed – such as in the case the mortar between the bricks was damaged;
  • Whether or not additional repairs such as facade repair work might also be required, and you can’t cut corners by reusing old bricks.

Such situations will usually bring the price of masonry restoration up. However, be advised that each case is different. Your best choice is to contact your local masonry restoration experts and ask for advice from https://www.nemasonry.com and for an inspection of your property to see what type of work will need to be done and find out exactly how much it will cost.