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Is Metal Roofing Right For Me?

Questions - We Have Answers

If you plan to buy a metal roof for your home, first you must weigh the benefits and disadvantages of this material compared to others, such as wood and asphalt. Here is a brief analysis of some of the advantages and disadvantages of steel, aluminum and other metal roofing materials.

Metal knocks down conventional materials for various reasons:

Life span

As long as installation was done properly and by roofing specialists, a metal roof should last probably as long as the house, being waterproof and surviving in various climates. Metal is also class-A fire resistant and is not affected by mold, insects and rot. It requires only minimal maintenance. Warranties vary, but most companies guarantee their products for up to 50 years. Paint finishes usually have a more limited warranty, up to 30 years.

The weight

Compared to concrete tiles and slate, metal roofs are much lighter and thus easier to install.

Variety of styles

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of types and colors.

Increased durability

The metal roof can protect your house even if it is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Superior quality

Metal roofing materials are designed to last and to look great on any roof type as experienced commercial roofing CT technicians will tell you.