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Is Roofing Maintenance a Difficult Task in New England?

commercial roofing maintenance up keep

Flat roof maintenance can be a difficult commercial roofing CT task. The roof is an important structure that must be monitored on a regular basis and maintained, because it protects the integrity of the entire building.

In the absence of a regular maintenance program, water infiltrations from the roof are often difficult to prevent and may cause discomfort and generate safety risks for the building`s occupants, as well as property damage and costly repairs.

The maintenance of commercial roofs in New England plays an important part in the overall performance of buildings, so it should always be done by professional roofers, even if it does not necessarily involve complicated operations.

If properly installed, new flat roof covers will receive the manufacturers’ warranties, but many things can affect their service life, such as the quality of the materials they are made from, local weather and climate, roof traffic and even the conditions inside the building.

That’s why maintenance is important: to identify problems in time and repair them while they are still minor and inexpensive.

Commercial roof maintenance consists of cleaning the roof, inspecting the cover and the drainage system, checking the roof equipment (satellite dishes, solar panels, air conditioners, etc.) and creating a report with all observations related to the roof, which may also include information about the necessary repairs, previous inspections and maintenance operations, warranties etc.