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Is There A Warranty Included In The Masonry Repair Work?

Warranty Work Building Restoration

Some masonry repair contractors offer warranties. That is a good way of showing commitment to their customers and to the quality standards they have adhered to when doing building restoration. One such example is a five years’ warranty. This is generally guaranteed to properly-kept masonry installations. Other companies offer 3 or 4 years warranties. Nevertheless, in the case of sand base or crushed gravel, for new installation, there is a 1 year warranty.

Hairline cracks are usually not covered by warranties. At any rate, the standard provides that the color variations in concrete should be followed accordingly. In other words, the masonry needs to be repaired in such a way as to resemble the initial structure as much as possible.

In case there are any workmanship issues under the warranty period, the contractors typically do any necessary repair works.

Nonetheless, normal wear and tear of masonry materials is generally not covered by warranties. The elements which are usually covered by warranty include cracked or damaged joints, cracked or loose stones or bricks, and so on.

There are several types of deteriorations which are usually not covered by warranties, such as damage to the masonry surfaces or joints which are the result of mold, water exposure, fire or fungus.