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Masonry Restoration for Historic Homes – Hire Reputable Professionals

Historic Home Masonry Restoration

Buildings which are more than 50 years old are usually included in the category of historic buildings. Historic homes have issues that contractors, engineers and architects may find it hard to evaluate and solve in general. But reputable professionals such as New England Masonry and Restoration can certainly tackle most of such issues in a reasonable amount of time.

In order for a historic building to keep its relevance in our present-day times, it is very important to do upgrades and certain adjustments. With the help of thoughtful and carefully designed restoration projects, you can keep the integrity of the masonry structure, and thus make sure your historic home lasts for a long time.

Masonry restoration projects can vary in complexity, depending on the specific materials which were initially used. Such materials may include terra cotta, stone, concrete block, brick and mortar. Therefore, it is essential to understand the properties of each type of material in terms of composition, water absorption, aggregate gradation, porosity or density.  

Because construction industry has seen many changes, masonry wall systems have also evolved quite a lot. Among the extra elements included in masonry structures we could include sealants, flashing, steel and iron anchors, etc. And the most commonly encountered types of damages to masonry structures are scaling, spalling or cracking.