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Masonry Restoration – What Is It and What Does It Involve?

Masonry Restoration Brick

Connecticut masonry experts can tell you a lot about masonry and masonry restoration. The practice of masonry is a very old art, and it continues to lead to the erection of structurally sound, solid buildings that are built to last. Unfortunately, the practice isn’t perfect, and restoration services are required when masonry constructions become weak and damaged.

Masonry restoration focuses on both old buildings and masonry installations that are relatively new, but have been cracked or damaged either by natural events like earthquakes, or as a result of other factors and stressors.

Masonry restoration targets these types of problems and ensures that the integrity of any masonry installation – whether it features stone, bricks, cast iron or concrete blocks – can be repaired and restored to its former glory in record time.

According to most experts, a craftsman who is knowledgeable about the best practices of masonry has to know how to perform tasks such as tuck pointing, chemical cleaning, rebuilding and replacement. These are some of the most important activities done by masonry restoration experts in Connecticut. It’s worth asking the best of them about details regarding how you should approach both a less extensive and a more elaborate masonry restoration project, depending on what you need.