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Concrete Restoration in Connecticut – Aiming for the Most Durable Restoration Solutions

New England Masonry and Restoration

Let’s imagine what would happen if, walking down the street and passing by an old building, a balcony or an entire wall collapsed on us. Let’s imagine that we are having fun in a club, and the second floor suddenly collapses. Let’s imagine how we could be affected if a major earthquake surprises us in an unconsolidated building. We could be trapped under the rubble, or worse, we could lose our lives!

In general, the causes of masonry degradation include:

  • Construction materials such as bricks and mortar are getting old
  • Lack of maintenance of the construction
  • Condensation
  • Degradation of the foundation, as a result of rainwater infiltration, leaks from the sewerage, raising the level of the groundwater or changing its route due to new constructions etc.
  • Seismic action
  • Other extraordinary events such as explosions, fires, etc.

Durable concrete restoration involves the consolidation of the masonry from companies like New England Masonry and Restoration through some of the following operations:

  • restoration of dislocated masonry
  • dressing walls in reinforced concrete
  • Injecting cracks and crevices with filling materials
  • “Sewing” cracks with steel stiches
  • Using horizontal and vertical elements of reinforced concrete etc.

To benefit from the best and most durable concrete restoration services in Connecticut, contact a construction company authorized for such projects and with experience in this field. Restoration work is complex and may also require special permits.

Connecticut Masonry Experts on Dealing with Old Masonry Constructions

Ask The Experts Masonry Restoration Service

Consolidating an old masonry construction requires a lot of work, patience, a generous budget and, above all, a good plan. If you decide to start such a project, Connecticut masonry specialists are your best source of information, both in terms of the necessary works and materials, as well as in terms of getting the necessary building permits.

If we are talking about an old building that is also a historical monument, things will be a little more complicated and expensive, because you will need more approvals to restore it.

The consolidation works differ from one building to another, depending on the age, the degree of damage and the materials from which the building was constructed. Older buildings generally have a resistance structure made of load-bearing masonry. In their case, the gravitational and seismic forces are taken over by the walls, so they will eventually require consolidation work.

The most common solution for such problems would be to strengthen the damaged wall by dressing it in reinforced concrete, on one or both sides. In the case of buildings with historical importance, however, this method is not recommended because the shape, size and materials used in the original construction must be preserved. A consolidation to a historical building involves the restoration of the masonry, by injecting the cracks with filling materials, as well as the use of mortar for patching work.

Before making the decision to consolidate an old building, always turn to specialists at https://www.nemasonry.com to evaluate the construction and establish the best consolidation solution.

Building Restoration and How Professionals Do It in Connecticut

masonry restoration connecticut magnifying glass close look

Building restoration involves more than just repainting the walls to a different color or retouching the floor. These projects involve special expertise in multiple fields, from masonry work to caulking, sandblasting, the application of special coatings on different surfaces to restore their strength and beauty, brick replacement, surface cleaning with pressure washing machines and countless others. If you are currently planning to start a restoration project to make your building as beautiful as it used to be, here are some things to expect of the professionals you hire:

  • A detailed inspection by professionals – The first step before starting any restoration work is a detailed inspection that reveals every problem that needs to be addressed during the restoration process. You can expect multiple professional inspections on your property, after which your experts will provide you with an oral or written description of the work that needs to be done.
  • A road map setup together and work performed by your specialists – After you and your restoration professional have discussed the tasks involved with the restoration process, the next phase will be the issuing of a detailed cost estimate by the professional of choice, then the process is you need will be carried out.
  • Conservation and repair are also involved – the two types of work often require a different approach, different materials and technologies. The best restoration professionals found at https://nemasonry.com know that difference and will choose the best methods to restore the components of your building.

The Services Provided by New England Masonry Restoration Companies

Best Service Masonry Restoration Connecticut

When it comes to concrete and masonry restoration in Connecticut, local specialists are more than masters of the profession – they are also artists who pay extraordinary attention to restoring not only the strength and the durability of the masonry structure concerned, but its beauty as well. Here are some of the services provided by masonry restoration experts in New England:

  • Professional cleaning – masonry restoration processes usually involve the preparation of the work site through specialized cleaning methods that include pressure washing, sandblasting as well as the use of specialized chemicals, after which the job site is inspected one more time before the actual restoration work starts.
  • The restoration work – this phase can involve an incredibly wide variety of tasks, from replacing old and crumbling mortar to eliminating cracks and chips and from taking molds to recreate certain ornamental components to sealing surfaces to restore their weather tightness.
  • Cosmetic treatments – masonry restoration Connecticut area very often involves the refreshing of the color of surfaces and making sure that the surface is repaired match the color of the unrepaired parts.
  • Final quality checks – this phase usually takes place after a certain waiting time needed for materials to dry and to set.

Concrete Restoration in Connecticut: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Top 3 Tips Concrete Masonry Restoration Keep In Mind

As opposed to masonry restoration, concrete restoration has very different rules. One tip in order to stick to those rules is to avoid any unnecessary touching of the concrete elements that need restoring. That’s because concrete can crumble quite quickly if handled without enough care. Also, keeping it away from moisture and wind is another good idea. This is how most concrete elements in buildings get to be destroyed.

Another tip about concrete restoration, as opposed to masonry restoration, is to always use the same mixture of concrete when possible. In masonry you can always age the brick or the rock and you can also integrate it in the finished element. But when concrete is involved that isn’t really an option. You can’t mix together different types of concrete and make them look good. So, you have to make sure that the concrete you use is the same as the original or as close to it as possible.

Also, when doing concrete restorations, as opposed to masonry restoration, you can use modern tolls as well. That’s because concrete was usually used to bind things together or was cast in a mold in order to create something. That means that you can use modern tools and techniques where possible. That’s because the process itself and the end result will not be affected. Get the help you need from a company with years of experience in masonry restoration at https://www.nemasonry.com/masonry-restoration-services/.