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Category: Masonry Services

How Do I Know If My Brick Building Needs Masonry Work?

masonry restoration needed bad repair

In case your building contains brick walls or any kind of masonry structures, chances are you will need to fix them at some point. Otherwise, you may have to face some other problems such as water infiltrations, extreme temperature losses, foundation-related issues which can make buildings less safe places to be.

For instance, a bowed or bulging brick structure may indicate that your masonry may need some masonry restoration repair work. A mason typically removes the damaged bricks, evaluates and fixes the issues causing the trouble and then puts new bricks back into place.

Vertical corner cracks may be some other good indicators of masonry-related problems. This type of problem is less serious, and it is a natural phenomenon caused by building’s natural expansion. The repair can be done in various ways. One method would be that of an epoxy injection for filling the crack in the wall. At the same time, installing an expansion joint can be very useful for putting less pressure on the bricks.

Compacted bricks are some other key indicators of masonry-related problems. This problem can result in water infiltration inside the building. Also, one compacted brick is much like a virus, in the sense that it can cause other bricks to become compacted as well.

What Is Involved In A Typical Masonry Restoration Project?

scaffolding brick wall masonry restoration old building

Masonry restoration refers to any kind of reparation or action performed on a masonry structure, which does not involve actually building it. It may refer to tearing the entire masonry down and rebuilding it, or to cleaning and sealing the structure.

Some consider that masonry restoration involves the process of tuck pointing, namely that of removing the deteriorated mortar from between the bricks and then replacing it with new mortar. The type of restoration depends on the type of building, but also on the type of mortar that was initially used.

Many buildings only have bricks on the exterior layer, and on the inside they have wood, steel or other type of material. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that masonry has a much nicer appearance for an exterior.

One good reason for tuck pointing is to waterproof the building, knowing the fact that water infiltrations can cause serious damages inside your home.

In order to make a proper masonry restoration, the mason needs to have sound knowledge and experience as does New England Masonry and Restoration about the way a brick building was built, including historical buildings, which were raised 100 years ago, or slightly newer ones. At the same time, it is good to stay in touch with the technological advancements such as safe and efficient water-repellent sealants.

How Often Should You Have Your Masonry Inspected?

Connecticut masonry brick wall maintenance

Masonry has the reputation of being stronger than other building structures. There is a number of ways by which you can evaluate how serious the damage is and what steps need to be taken.

Cracking is a natural phenomenon for brick structures. It comes from the material moving, shrinking or settling. However, some cracks may be more serious than other cracks. Longer cracks can signal more dangerous problems. At the same time, regardless of the exact size of the crack, it can let moisture in, which is enough to cause damage to your entire building.

Apart from cracks, there are also secondary signs such as foundation shifting or moving in any way. Some other clear indicators of damage would be doors or windows which open or close difficultly. All these should be addressed in due time, so as to avoid any further damage to your home or commercial property.

The frequency of Connecticut masonry maintenance practices typically depends on the exact type of masonry. But keeping your bricks in good state is very important not only for your safety, but also for preserving the beauty of your living or working environment. Ideally, you should closely inspect your masonry every month or at least every two months.

What Are The Signs Of Deteriorating Masonry?

masonry restoration needed white paint peeling brick building

In case your home or commercial property is built with masonry, you need to keep it in a good shape and look for any signs of deterioration, so that you can solve any problems easily and cost-efficiently.

Depending on the degree of damage, deteriorating masonry can have a disastrous impact on the structure of the entire building. As a homeowner or an entrepreneur, you may have to deal with water infiltration, foundation problems or extreme heat losses. Therefore, knowing the early signs of damaged masonry is highly important.

One good sign is that the bricks in the outer walls either jot out, or they bulge in, even if it is on a small area of your masonry structure. This is generally caused by moisture. The solution is to remove the deteriorated bricks and solve any issues behind them, replace the bricks and re-build the part of the wall which was affected.

As a result of natural expansion of buildings, vertical cracks often may occur. The only problem is that they can let water inside the building, so they need to be fixed immediately.

Compacted bricks can be some other good signs of deteriorated masonry. The affected bricks need replacement and perhaps you may need to work on some extra support for your foundation. For masonry inspection and work look at http://www.nemasonry.com.

How Do I Know If I Need Restoration Of The Masonry On My Building?

Question do you need masonry restoration on building

Knowing whether the masonry on your building needs restoration is very important, because taking the necessary steps in due time is essential for preserving its structure and avoiding even more problems in the future.

The frequent lack of expansion joints can cause masonry to expand continually, putting an enormous pressure on the corners of the walls. In case the problem is not solved in due time, the corners may eventually crack. If the problem gets aggravated, then re-building the masonry becomes the recommended solution.

Masonry restoration requires a high level of precision, which can be attained only by years of working in this field. Because of this, it is always best to ask for help from the part of Connecticut masonry professionals.

In case you have commercial building, a good indicator that its masonry needs restoration is when your business seems to be less successful, in the sense that customers tend to avoid you. In that case, it may be the shabby-looking appearance of the masonry on your building that may cause people to stay away. Restoration or renovation may help improve your business, by attracting new customers. In other words, it may a worthy investment with many positive effects for the future of your business.